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Our upholstery cleaning service explained

Do you want your furniture to look and feel just the way it did when you first bought it? We’ll explore every avenue to make this dream come true for you! Our professional furniture cleaning solution uses sophisticated steam clean techniques and our experts will do their best to remove even the most resilient stains. Our experience has helped us shape a proven method in just 3 steps:

Step 1. Furniture Inspection

Before we can take care of your intricate chairs and sofas, we must get to know them better, from the inside out. We’ll inspect the material, condition, and age in order to choose the perfect cleaning detergents and methods for maximum results.

Step 2. Dirt & Stain Elimination

We abide by a tailor-made deep clean plan after the inspection. Our steam cleaning technology infuses your sofa and chair fabric with hot steam under high pressure. The moisture and filth is then fully extracted, leaving your furniture in perfect hygiene. We also rely on advanced hot water extraction methods for certain projects.

Step 3. Drying & Inspection

Once we have cleaned every detail of your upholstery, we will let it dry. A second inspection is necessary to give us peace of mind that we have completed the job successfully. In the end, we will offer upholstery deodorisation for an even more magical end result.

Our upholstery cleaning method

We work with some of Sydney’s best and most qualified upholstery cleaning technicians, who can take on any obstacle. You can count on us to steam clean your couch, lounge steam cleaning, furniture mould removal, stain removal, and more. The cleaning detergents and equipment that we use guarantee safety for your children and pets. All of our products are neutral and eco-friendly.

We will do our best to transform your furniture sets and bring them back to life with our professional couch cleaning. Sure, conventional cleaning at home does help to keep the hygiene in check but it is certainly not enough to handle the hidden underneath the surface dirt. Enjoy professional sofa cleaning at affordable prices and see the difference for yourself.


Why choose Nifty?

We believe that our people are our strongest asset. We are always on the lookout on how to help our professionals develop even further, acquire the newest and most high-end know-how, and offer one of the best upholstery cleaning services in Sydney. You can expect:

  • Dedicated experts – we won’t rest until we’ve satisfied your needs and requirements.
  • Affordable rates – we offer competitive prices that won’t break the bank.
  • Modern cleaning techniques – our specialists work with professional cleaning agents and sophisticated methods that guarantee results.
  • Available all day, every day – we won’t charge extra for services provided during the weekend, on bank holidays, or for emergency bookings.


Can my upholstery get damaged during the cleaning? What happens in this case?

We do our best to keep your upholstery safe and regularly train or technicians to be informed and prepared for every situation. We will also test the cleaning solutions and detergents on your furniture before the cleaning begins. However, in the case that there is any damage as a result of the cleaning process, you will be compensated as our service is insured.

Do you clean rare and exotic materials?

Yes, our cleaning solutions are advanced and can be personalised to fit in with the requirements of even the rarest and specific materials.

How long will it take for my furniture to dry after the cleaning service?

It usually takes between 2 and 4 hours for furniture to completely dry up after a steam cleaning service. However, during the colder months, this could take up to 6 hours.


Levi Coverdale

“After getting the upholstery cleaning service from Nifty Cleaning Services my chairs and sofa at home look completely different. I spend a lot of time at home and my furniture quickly gets an old look and feel. There were a lot of stains that I couldn’t remove with anything. Thanks to Nifty’s team, they now look new again and are completely refreshed. The price was affordable and everything was quick and well-organized. Thank you! “

Timothy Nimmo

“A brilliant service! It’s great to know that there’s someone so capable when it comes to upholstery cleaning that we can rely on in Sydney. Thank you for the professional service, the promptness, and the amazing end result.”

Let us rejuvenate your furniture in Sydney

Our professional upholstery cleaning will leave your furniture in excellent condition! Enjoy additional services that can truly make your home feel sanitised and hygienic once again!


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