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Nifty Cleaning Services provides comprehensive cleaning treatments for your home textiles.
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Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Brisbane

Nifty’s team of certified carpet cleaners and rug specialists in Brisbane are here to save your beautiful, rare, and valuable textiles. We will remove all allergens and dirt particles that have found their way into the inner layers of your fabrics. Our deep clean carpet and rug services ensure that nothing is left behind, thanks to our ruthless dry cleaning and steam carpet cleaning processes. We will also offer professional carpet mould removal where necessary.

Keep yourself and your loved ones protected with our expert carpet and rug cleaning solutions in your area. The accumulation of dust, dander, filth, and bacteria inside your rugs and carpets can cause long-term allergies, a range of health conditions, and can significantly deteriorate the look and feel of your interior. Avoid this by booking our cleaning experts today.

What do the services include?
When it comes to carpets and rugs, scratching the surface with a vacuum cleaner and a store-bought cleaning agent won’t do the trick. The dirt hides deep inside the inner layers of the fabric and requires special and professional treatment. Our dry cleaning, steam cleaning or water extraction methods ensure full eradication of stains, dust, dirt, and germs. Our rug and carpet cleaning solution finishes with deodorisation for lasting freshness. We work with all types of carpets and rugs, including wool, silk, jute, and more.
Drapery and Curtain Cleaning Service in Brisbane
Curtains, Drapery Cleaning in Brisbane

Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning in Brisbane

When it comes to mattresses and upholstery, we always advise our clients to make no compromises with hygiene. An unclean mattress that is home to dust mites, pet dander, dead skin cells, and other allergens can cause severe allergic reactions, irritations, and to say the least – sleeping disorders. Our professional mattress cleaners in Brisbane offer a solution with our expert mattress deep cleaning services.

Your upholstery, on the other hand, is your relaxation zone after work. Enjoy a spotless, fresh, and bacteria-free furniture set with our upholstery cleaning solution in your location. Our local furniture cleaners offer deep couch cleaning, steam sofa cleaning, and more.

What do the services include?
On arrival, we will examine your mattresses and upholstery to get to know the fabrics better, its age and condition. This will help us establish whether it is more appropriate to use deep dry cleaning or steam cleaning with hot water extraction. After we’ve ensured that all dander and dirt have been eliminated, we will deodorise to completely get rid of any resistant odours. Your living space will look and feel completely sanitised and spotless.

Professional Leather Cleaning in Brisbane

Leather is a natural material that has the power to completely transform your living or working space. It adds style, luxury, and comfort at the same time. However, its greatest drawback is its delicate nature and sensitivity. If you fail to properly maintain it or use it with care, your leather lounge or leather couch can quickly become worn-out and unappealing.

A professional leather furniture cleaning service can prevent this from happening. Nifty’s local team of leather cleaners in Brisbane have all the necessary know-how and equipment to work with any type of leather for stain removal, bringing back the lost colours, germ-elimination, and overall a deep clean that will last for months. We can also work wonders when it comes to rejuvenating and restoring your car leather seats. Just call us and see for yourself!

The benefits of the Nifty curtain cleaning service are:
Our leather upholstery cleaning service starts with a thorough inspection. Depending on the type of leather and its characteristics, we will select the perfect cleaning agents and deep cleaning techniques for maximum results. Once we’ve removed any dirt, stains, and grease build-ups, we will hydrate the leather with a conditioning layer that will also offer protection.
Drapery and Curtain Cleaning Service in Brisbane
Curtains, Drapery Cleaning in Brisbane

Curtain and Drapery Cleaning Services in Brisbane

Nifty Cleaning Services offers one of the most reliable and affordable professional curtain cleaning services in Brisbane and works with some of the most experienced drapery cleaners in the area. Don’t sacrifice your home’s beauty and freshness by allowing your curtains and drapes to look old, dirty, and worn-out.

Our team of certified and skilled drapery and curtain cleaners are dedicated to providing a complete, deep cleaning service via dry cleaning or steam cleaning with hot water extraction. Our ruthless cleaning process ensures that no dirt is left behind and your textiles are enriched with a fresh and clean odour, bright and strong colours, and a softness that can make any home comfortable and welcoming.

What do the services include?
Our Brisbane curtain and drapery cleaning solutions begin with a detailed inspection of the affected area. The experience and know-how that our experts have will help them identify a reliable and guaranteed cleaning method and use of cleaning detergents. After we’ve deep cleaned your drapes and curtains, we will offer to deodorise and discuss the results with you. We won’t leave until you are 100% satisfied.

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Nifty’s team of specialised cleaners in Brisbane is made of only the best. We regularly train and develop our technicians in order to always provide modern and new-age solutions. We strive for perfection and pay close attention to every detail. Nifty is proud to be one of Brisbane’s most recognised and trusted cleaning companies, thanks to its years of experience and a large number of satisfied loyal customers.

We are there for you anytime that you need us and provide emergency cleaning services and handle last-minute bookings. We know that time is a valuable thing and your home’s hygiene is not something that can wait.

Drapery and Curtain Cleaner in Brisbane

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Can you dry clean curtains?

We do perform curtain dry cleaning especially for the more delicate materials.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we can perform curtain or drapery cleaning on weekends or on bank holidays without additional fees.

Can you clean the curtains onsite?

Yes, we do offer onsite as well as offsite curtain cleaning.

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