Professional Upholstery and Carpet Steam Cleaning in Ballarat

Nifty Cleaning Services provides comprehensive cleaning treatments for your home textiles.
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Restore your furniture and carpets with the Nifty’s professional cleaning services in Ballarat

Offsite and onsite upholstery and drapery cleaning available.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services in Ballarat

Carpets and rugs are a great way to add style, comfort, and colour to your home interior. But they are among the furnishings that are most exposed to dirt, dust, and a whole range of allergens. Even if you regularly use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt on the surface, there is so much more that hides beneath. Nifty’s team of professional carpet cleaners and rug specialists in Ballarat can solve this problem and help you enjoy spotless, fresh, and completely clean carpets and rugs.

We work with any type of material, including wool, silk, cotton, and more. Our qualified experts appreciate your time and will work according to a tested and proven cleaning process that guarantees quick results. Our services are affordable and suitable for any budget, our products are only available to professionals, and our customer service will leave a positive memory behind. Book us today and see for yourself.

What do the services include?
Nifty’s trained carpet experts and rug cleaners in Ballarat will eliminate any carpet of rug stains, will offer carpet mould removal, and can react for emergency carpet or rug cleaning whenever you need it. Our cleaning methods include deep cleaning via steam cleaning and dry cleaning, depending on the material and condition of your textiles. We inspect, thoroughly clean, and offer post-service guidance.
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Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning in Ballarat

Why invest in new furniture when you can restore the lost beauty of your old upholstery? Nifty Cleaning Services offers specialised upholstery cleaning solutions for any sofa, couch, or lounge set. The professional job that our cleaners in Ballarat offer will ensure that you can enjoy your comfy furniture knowing that it is bacteria-free, odourless, and spotless.

Cleaning your upholstery is not all that we can do for you. We specialise in mattress cleaning services that will help you sleep like a baby. Mattresses are bound to get stained and in addition, accumulate dirt, dead skin cells, dander, dust, and microorganisms that can harm your health, cause allergic reactions, irritations, and sleeping disorders. Stay safe and protect your loved ones by booking a reliable, affordable, and result-guaranteed professional mattress cleaning in your area.

What do the services include?
Cleaning furniture and mattresses demands attention to detail, a solid process, professional equipment, and experience. Our licensed and trained professional cleaners in Ballarat can offer all of the above and more! Our method starts with a full inspection of the chosen area. Once we become familiar with your upholstery and mattress type, we will apply the best cleaning technology and use our eco-friendly and safe for pets and children cleaning agents. We apply dry cleaning and steam cleaning methods for a deep clean solution that will leave your home spotless.

Leather Cleaning Services in Ballarat

Do your leather lounge or chairs look deteriorated and worn out? One of the reasons may be irregular or improper cleaning. Leather demands special attention as it is a natural material that is easily harmed. In addition, it collects and stores a lot of dirt and grime like dust, pet dander, body oils, and more. Let our experts handle your leather furniture or leather car seats while you sit back and relax.

Leather can make your interior more luxurious and sophisticated, as long as it is in good shape. We can make your leather upholstery more durable, resistant, and extend its lifetime by providing professional leather cleaning solutions near you. Just book us and remember – we are available 24/7, weekends and bank holidays included.

What does the service include?
Our local leather cleaners follow a step-by-step cleaning method that never lets them down:

  • Complete and thorough leather inspection to identify the material used, its age, condition, and requirements.
  • Deep cleaning solutions that will eliminate any stains, dirt accumulations, pigmentation, and any other effects of regular use or leather ageing.
  • Conditioning and application of protective layer to shield the leather in the future.
  • Post-cleaning inspection and guidance on how to prevent leather damage or dirt buil-up over time.
ballarat curtain cleaning specialist
ballarat curtain cleaning specialist

Drapery and Curtain Cleaning Solutions in Ballarat

Drapery and curtain sets are often made using fine fabrics that demand gentle but thorough cleaning. Most curtain materials and drapery fabrics are not designed for standard machine washing and can get harmed during the process. To keep them fresh, clean and strong, call our curtain cleaners in Ballarat and drapery experts near you.

We will come to your front door carrying everything necessary to complete the job – professional cleaning detergents, machinery, equipment, protective gear, and more. Our customers love us and consider us among Ballarat’s most dependable curtain cleaning company due to our impeccable methods and results. Rely on thorough sanitisation and lasting results.

What do the services include?
Our local curtain and drapery cleaners in Ballarat are trained in sophisticated and modern steam cleaning methods and dry cleaning solutions. We offer curtain deep cleaning and hot water extraction technology. After we examine your interior, we will choose the best cleaning process for the project and discuss it with you. We won’t stop until we get the results that you are after.

Why choose the Nifty upholstery & carpet steam cleaning in Ballarat?

Affordable Prices
To make our services available for all, we keep our prices at competitive rates but never compromise with quality.
Same-day Service

We are here to support you with same-day services, emergency cleaning solutions, and last-minute bookings.

Licensed & Trained Professionals

We constantly invest in our people and work with qualified and licensed cleaning experts.

Trusted cleaning experts near you

Letting someone into your home is a challenge for most people. To make you feel comfortable, we’ve equipped ourselves with some of the best cleaners in Ballarat and ensure that they are regularly trained, licensed, and tested. You can count on exceptional customer service, a positive attitude, an “everything is possible” approach to cleaning, and more. Give us a call and we can help you choose the best cleaning service for you based on your needs.

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Jade Woodfull

I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to get a next-day curtain cleaning service. The dirt and stains are gone.The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. Would certainly hire them again.

Amelia Matson

I had my cotton curtains cleaned by Nifty curtain cleaning and I’m very pleased with the results. Customer service was also friendly and helpful.


Can you clean the curtains onsite?

Yes, we do offer onsite as well as offsite curtain cleaning.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we can perform curtain or drapery cleaning on weekends or on bank holidays without additional fees.

Can you remove stains?

On most fabrics we can, but we need to take a look and test the fabric to know if a curtain is made of a colour fast material.

Get your carpets and upholstery cleaned to perfection in Ballarat today!