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Our mattress cleaning service explained

A good night’s sleep is the key to a positive mood and a productive day. But did you know that the more you use your mattress the more dirt it collects? Dander, dead skin cells, body oil, dust, grime, and bacteria are all part of the particles that your mattress’ fibres store while you sleep. Let our qualified mattress cleaners help you avoid this unsightly scenario and stay healthy by following a proven process:

Step 1. Inspection & Pre-vacuuming

The first thing that we will do once we arrive at your property is to inspect your mattress and identify any discolored zones, the type of mattress, its age, and condition. We then pre-vacuum tho whole mattress to eliminate any hairs, soils, and dust.

Step 2. Spot Treatment

Coffee spills or pet accidents are common reasons for stubborn mattress stains that are almost impossible to eliminate. We will treat these areas with special detergents that leave no marks behind. In the end, you won’t be able to recognize your once stained mattress.

Step 3. Steam Clean & Final Touch

Our steam clean mattress solution uses hot water extraction for full and flawless cleaning. Dust mites are successfully removed thanks to the hot water temperature. Our qualified technicians are equipped with eco-friendly and neutral cleaning agents. Finally, we complete a second inspection to make sure that your mattress is completely germ- and dirt-free.

Our mattress cleaning method

Did you know that on average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping? Considering how significant this time portion is, making compromises with the condition of your mattress is simply not an option. We are proud to work with some of the best and highly trained mattress cleaning experts in Sydney. They have all it takes to restore the freshness and cleanliness of your mattress, turning your bed into a welcoming and enjoyable place to rest.

Our steam cleaning method has been tested over time and fully extracts all contaminants from the inner layers of your mattress. We always come prepared, bringing our expertise, equipment, and know-how to your home. Eliminate the risk of allergic reactions, skin rashes, sleeping disorders, and other conditions that may arise as a result of a poorly maintained mattress. We are here to offer a solution!



Why choose Nifty?

When it comes to trusting a professional to clean your mattress, we know you want to choose someone reliable, professional, and affordable. We offer all of these, and more:

  • Full week availability – it’s important for us to be there when you need us. This is why our trained mattress experts are available every day of the week, weekends and bank holidays included.
  • New age professional cleaning equipment – we invest in updating the technology, equipment, and products that we work with, guaranteeing superior results.
  • Years of experience – technical knowledge is one thing but practical experience is another. We are proud to hold a perfect balance between the two and that’s why our customers love us.
  • Complete disinfection  – we won’t just scrape the surface. We will roll up our sleeves and dig deep into the inner layers of your mattress to ensure full and ruthless removal of any threats to your health and safety.


Do you clean both sides of the mattress?

Absolutely, we pay attention to every detail and will thoroughly clean both sides of your mattress. You never know where the dirt is hiding!

What type of cleaning detergents do you use?

Nifty Cleaning Services only works with tested and professional cleaning products that are child- and pet-friendly, cause no allergic reactions, and are neutral and unharmful.

Does your mattress cleaning service remove dust mites?

Yes, the combination of vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning guarantees full removal of any dust mites that may be feeding off particles in your mattress.


Zac Serle

“I’d like to thank Nifty Cleaning Services for their exceptional work! My wife and I are so happy to enjoy a mattress with no stains and dirt without having to spend a lot of money on a new one. We plan to regularly use this service from now on. Thank you!”

Ryder Everett

“Very cheap prices for the service they provide. The team came to my home on t time, everyone was very friendly during the whole process, and my mattress truly feels brand new. A brilliant service that anyone can benefit from. Highly recommend it. “

Enjoy the healthy sleep that you deserve

Sleeping on a clean mattress can significantly improve your life. And that’s not all that we can do for you!


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