Expert Drapery Cleaning Services in Sydney

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Our professional drapery cleaning

The Nifty drapery cleaners will follow our cleaning process to rejuvenate the drapery in your home or office. We provide a reliable and affordable service that consists of the following steps:

Step 1. Inspection

The drapery cleaning specialist will arrive and inspect your drapery to take note of the materials and decide on the best cleaning method.

Step 2. Drapery cleaning

After the inspection the professional will start the drapery cleaning procedure with the help of industry-leading detergents and tools.

Step 3. Finishing touches

After your drapes are spotless the expert will deodorize and rehang them back in place for you to enjoy.

Our drapery cleaning methods explained

Steam cleaning is an effective drapery cleaning method that removes the dirt and grime that have build up with time. It is a non-toxic and pet-safe method that removes the contaminants from the fabric and prolongs the life of the textiles.

Drapery dry cleaning is a cleaning method that uses almost no moisture and is suitable for delicate materials or materials that shouldn’t get wet. The dry solvent can help with bad smells or stains on the surface of the material and will refresh the look of your drapes.

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Why choose Nifty drapery cleaning?

  • Convenient booking slots – pick a time that works best with your schedule. We offer weekend or bank holiday appointments at no additional charge.
  • Same-day availability – we can arrange a service even at short notice.
  • Expert cleaners – our professional cleaners that have years of experience and follow the industry’s best practices.
  • Quality detergents and tools – we use only high-end equipment detergents to achieve the best results possible.

We are a company that aims to solve our clients problems and to provide quality and competitive service.


How often should I clean my drapes?

For most homes cleaning the drapes and curtains once a year is enough. However if you live in a home which has more dust, you have pets or allergies you should consider having your drapes cleaned more often.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we can perform a drapery cleaning on weekends or on bank holidays without additional fees.

Can you dry clean drapes?

We do offer dry cleaning especially for the more delicate materials.


Diane J.

“Incredible service – the staff was prompt, polite and professional! The difference is visible. Thank you!”

Sofia A.

“The drapes look brand new. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!”

We restore the life of textiles around your house

Give your curtains and drapes the makeover that they deserve


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