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Nifty Cleaning Services provides comprehensive cleaning treatments for your home textiles.
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Dry and steam curtain cleaning performed with care by our local experts

Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services in Canberra

Dirty and poorly maintained carpets and rugs at home or the office can lead to a range of negative consequences. They could trigger virus spread, contamination, and serious long-term health conditions. Even if you regularly vacuum clean your floors, the dirt remains hidden underneath the surface.

Our local carpet and rug cleaners in Canberra can help you protect your home or office via our steam carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning. Nifty’s highly trained experts will arrive at your location equipped with everything necessary to complete the job. We work with advanced and high-quality products and perform hot water extraction methods that you can count on. We will even offer carpet mould removal, where necessary.


What do the services include?
Regardless of whether you have wool carpets or silk, cotton, or jute rugs, our carpet cleaning and professional rug steam clean service is right for you. We will inspect the material to ensure a thorough and lasting clean that will not damage the carpet or rug structure. Using a deep clean water extraction method, our local cleaning experts in Canberra will completely rid your carpets and rugs of stains and dirt. The last step is to deodorise, inspect for final touches, and leave seeing a smile on your face.
Canberra Curtains and Drapery Cleaning Service
Drapery and Curtains Cleaning in Canberra

Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning Services in Canberra

Your furniture could be trapping soils, dirt, and bacteria without you even knowing. In a lot of cases, it is not only time that deteriorates your upholstery. It is poor maintenance and failing to regularly clean your couch, sofas, and lounge areas. And by clean – we mean deep clean.

Nifty’s local team of upholstery and mattress cleaners in Canberra can extend the lifetime of your furniture and sleeping space and let you enjoy your home even more. Enjoy the results from professional lounge steam cleaning and sleep better with a deep cleaned mattress. We can come to your location at any time as we are available all day, every day.

What do the services include?
We will examine your furniture and mattresses to identify their condition and specifics. Our Canberra cleaning team is skilled and qualified to personalise the deep clean solution for maximum results. Hot steam is infused into your upholstery and mattresses under high pressure. Once we have made sure that all stains and dirt from the lower layers of your upholstery and mattress have been completely eradicated, we will deodorise, complete a final inspection, and ask for your feedback.

Leather Cleaning Services in Canberra

Want to fully enjoy your leather furniture sets or car seats again? If you’ve tried cleaning leather yourself with store-purchased products, you’ve probably realised that it’s no simple task. Especially when working with this gentle material, you should be extra careful not to cause any damage while removing accumulated dirt.

Make things easy on you and leave it all to our Canberra leather cleaners. Our qualified team of leather cleaners near you will come to your location, remove any dirty particles causing a threat to your health, and will leave your leather lounge in excellent condition. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

What does the service include?
Every set of leather furniture is unique and we treat it that way. We work with some of Canberra’s best leather specialists who follow a reliable process when cleaning your furniture. We will complete a full inspection before choosing the most suitable cleaning detergents, conditioners, and methods for removing all grease, stains, and dirt particles from your leather lounge. Our neutral and safe for children and pets products will leave your leather upholstery spotless. We apply a conditioner layer along with a protective layer at the end for maximum satisfaction.
Canberra Curtains and Drapery Cleaning Service
Drapery and Curtains Cleaning in Canberra

Curtain Cleaning and Drapery Cleaning in Canberra

Nifty offers deep cleaning and steam curtain cleaning methods to accommodate any and every cleaning need.

Dry curtain and drapery cleaning uses almost no moisture. Instead, the cleaners use detergents that break down the dirt and stains. It is the most suitable method when dealing with materials that cannot be saturated in water. With this method, there is little to no drying time and no creases or wrinkles are formed.

Steam cleaning is a powerful and efficient cleaning method that removes the dirt from the fabric and is great if your curtains are heavily stained or haven’t been cleaned in a long time. The steam reaches into the material to pull the allergens, dust, pet hair and any other particles that may have lodged there.

What do the services inlude?
Our affordable curtain cleaning and drapery cleaning services in Canberra apply some of the most sophisticated and advanced cleaning techniques. We work with hot water extraction, which ensures that all dirt and moisture are collected from your curtains and draperies, leaving your home feeling fresh, clean, and odourless. Our curtain cleaners and drapery experts will offer free guidance on how to maintain the condition of your textiles in better shape in the future.

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Local cleaning specialists in Canberra

Nifty knows the importance of a good cleaning team and this is why we only hire the best. We invest heavily in the growth and development of our people and take pride in working with highly trained and qualified cleaners in Canberra. Our years of experience have helped us shape customisable and tailor-made cleaning techniques based on the different requirements of our clients. In other words, there’s nothing that we can’t handle when it comes to cleaning your textiles, mattresses, furniture, and more. Simply book a service and see for yourself!

Curtain and Drapery Cleaner in Canberra

Sara Hardwick

Affordable price and good service. The team came on time and did a good nice job cleaning the blinds.

Michael Bayles

Affordable price and good service. The team came on time and did a good nice job cleaning the blinds.


Can you clean my curtains in hanging position?

Yes, we can clean the curtains without having to take them down.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we can perform curtain or drapery cleaning on weekends or on bank holidays without additional fees.

Can you remove stains?

On most fabrics we can, but we need to take a look and test the fabric to know if a curtain is made of a colour fast material.

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